WeLCuM 2...

WeLCuM 2...
The (In)Complete Gay Man's Guide on How 2 Succeed in West Hollywood Without Really Trying!

Monday, November 15, 2010

IT GETS BETTER ~ The Michael Anthony Musical

One of our FAVORITE in the IT GETS BETTER campaign! Great work, brother!

Friday, December 14, 2007

G@Y S@Y ~ & i'm telling u... i AM going!

All good things must come to an end, and this gay's blog is no exception. Yes, folks...


But never fear; you haven't read the last of MiCHaeL aNTHoNY...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

(eW!)MuSiNG MuSiNG ~ my hero!

This guy is my hero!

A man nearly died from alcohol poisoning after quaffing a liter (two pints) of vodka at an airport security check instead of handing it over to comply with new carry-on rules. The incident occurred at the Nuremberg airport on Tuesday, where the 64-year-old man was switching planes on his way home to Dresden from a holiday in Egypt.

Near-fatal alcohol poisoning after one liter? Amateur!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

aMuSiNG MuSiNG ~ what's my sign?

What's my sign, you ask me? MiCHaeL aNTHoNY is a Leo, tried and true. And here's what the heavens are telling me to do today...

You might wake up feeling a little under the weather, perhaps too tired to go anywhere, and you'll want to stay in. Perhaps this is the best course of action for today. Drink lots of juices, and get some rest. Tomorrow you'll probably feel much better!

Uh, aren't horoscopes supposed to inspire and facilitate inner-reflection? Instead, my astro-paragraph is telling me to hunker down, sip my gin and juice and pray for daylight.

Typically, I'm against drinking before sundown (sans happy hour, of course), but... F#ck it! Me and JiMMY BeaN are going back to bed! Don't judge me; it is, after all, written in the stars!

myTunes ~ do I have a problem?

I spend about 2 hours a day on my iTunes, managing playlists, rating dance remixes and writing artists reviews (that, undoubtedly, no one reads).

Should I be attending a meeting?

myTunes ~ december's best, week 2.0!

Let's see... aSHLee's back, aNNie's remixed and a few other gays dropped it like it was hot...

Best of December, Week 2!
  1. Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) ~ Ashlee Simpson
  2. Sing (Moto Blanco Radio Remix) ~ Annie Lennox
  3. Seattle ~ Kevin Aviance
  4. When the Money's Gone (feat. Elton John & Kristine W.) ~ Bruce Roberts
  5. Picture Perfect ~ Nelly Furtado
  6. Fancy ~ Destiny's Child
  7. My Skin ~ Natalie Merchant
  8. Hollywood [JLC's Thin White Duck Mix] ~ Madonna
  9. Loser ~ Saving Jane
  10. Kindly Unspoken ~ Kate Voegele
Enjoy, bois!

Monday, December 10, 2007

C-iNG STaRZ ~ world's 1st crazy!

JaNiCe DiCK-iN-Me-SoN was just on the Today Show. And boy, I have to say... This man is extremely disappointed!

When she was on set last week, she (within this span of 10 minutes) grabbed my junk (4x's!), showed me her left tit and lifted her dress to show off her pantie-less lady parts. [Shudder!!] This Today interviewed had none of the usual Janice eXXXcellence. She was articulate. She was funny. She was sober. What a bummer...!!

myTunes ~ only in MoNTaNa!

This is yet another story that makes me embarrassed to be from the boonies of Illinois...

Zeal for superstar Hannah Montana drew scores of admirers — including Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his family — many of whom shelled out hundreds of dollars for tickets to a Rosemont concert. "We're big fans," Blagojevich, who was accompanied by his wife and two daughters, said before Saturday's concert. "I've seen every 'Hannah Montana' episode." The fervor surrounding the Disney Channel superstar was intense and Allstate Arena usher manger Jim Hennessy called it "the hottest ticket in 20 years."

My GoVeNoR spends his time watching a 14-year-old soon-to-hit-the-wall Britney-wannabe try to act like BiLLY RaY MuLLeT ain't no deadbeat stage dad? But he doesn't think it's right for gays to get married. Hmmm...

Oh, Mr. Blagojevich, I only have one thing to say... Watch that 5-year-old son of yours. Any boy that cries for $100 HaNNaH MoNTaNa tickets is a Cher CD and Men's-Fitness-magazine-hid-under-the-bed away from growing into a bonefide Illinois homo!

Friday, December 7, 2007

G@Y S@Y ~ am i job-less?!

Enough with the corporate b#llsh!t. Am I out of the job?! Can someone please decode this biz-PC press release, and tell me the fate of my future at TV Guide Network.

Video software maker Macrovision (MVSN.O) said on Friday that it would acquire television programming guide company Gemstar-TV Guide (GMST.O) in a cash-and-stock deal worth about $2.8 billion. Gemstar-TV Guide shareholders will be able to sell each of their shares for $6.35 in cash or convert it for 0.2548 of a common share in a new holding company that will own both Gemstar-TV Guide and Macrovision. A restructuring of the TV Guide brand and its subsidiaries is scheduled for April of 2008.

On second thought, I'll be making as much on unemployment as I do now. Plus, I'll have my entire day free to drink at the Abbey, watch People's Court and catch up on my porn. Maybe my impending layoff is a homo-blessing in designer threads disguise....

(uHHH?)MuSiNG MuSiNG ~ blackout MiCHaeL!

As I drug my post-drunk ass into work this morning, there was only one thing on my messy mind: How tragic was I at the company Xmas party last night?

The answer to this queer's query? I cannot tell you, for I remember nothing after 8 PM.

All I know is that 11 people (and counting) have said something in the vain of "With those dance moves, you'd make an amazing stripper!" to me.

Oh, and the company CEO said to me: "Don't worry... That red wine came out of my shirt, no problem."

..........Do I still have a job?